Flexible Foodservice Facilities

Our sister company Kitchens To Go provides modular kitchen solutions for food service providers in various industries such as education, commercial, healthcare, and hospitality.

These solutions are flexible and relocatable, allowing for continued or expanded operations. Our services include temporary and permanent facilities for various project needs, including renovations, expansions, new constructions, and disaster recovery. 

Modular Kitchens

Mobile Kitchens

We offer mobile kitchen integration services where our trained professionals guide you through the entire process from planning to completion. We help establish key requirements such as size, energy source, HVAC, refrigeration, and dishwashing. Our mobile units are available for lease or purchase and are suitable for both one-time special events and daily ongoing operations.

  • Customizable dimensions from 18’ – 53’
  • Brand/company recognition
  • Self-contained options with on-board power and water supply
  • A wide array of capacities, features, and equipment
  • Relocatable, on-the-go option

Containerized Kitchens

Featured Projects

Modular Kitchen - Georgia Southern University

Mobile Kitchen - Peninsula Hotel

Modular Kitchen - Virtua Memorial Hospital

Containerized Kitchen - Air National Guard