Modular Classrooms Made in California

Portable classrooms are a great solution to accommodate short or long-term needs. They can be installed quickly at a school as a permanent or temporary solution to expand classroom capacity. Enviroplex provides permanent portable classrooms for schools that do not intend to relocate elsewhere.

Which modular solution is right for your project?

Single-story Buildings

  • Various sizes and floor plans available
  • 9′ floor-to-ceiling height, fixed grid T-bar

Daylight Junior

  • Single-story
  • 24′ x 40′ expandable to 120′ x 40
  • 30′x 32′ expandable to 150′ x 32
  • Single slope or dual pitch
  • Finished floor to ceiling 11’ at peak

The Daylight

  • Single-story
  • 30′ x 32′ expandable to 150′ x 32′
  • Single slope roof
  • Finished floor to ceiling 16′ at peak

Two-story  Buildings

  • Various sizes and floor plans available
  • 9’ floor-to-ceiling height, fixed grid T-bar

Why Enviroplex?

Sustainable Designs

Each classroom is highly energy efficient, providing Title 24 compliance margins that exceed 30 percent in most climate zones.

Flexible Floor Plans

The design can expand to 150’x32’, providing multiple floor plan options for a variety of learning environments.

Optimum Environment

Operable clerestory windows and a floor to ceiling height of up to 16 feet allows abundant natural light and a spacious feeling to the learning environment.

How Enviroplex advances green building

Modular buildings by Enviroplex offer a harmonious blend of sustainability, aesthetics, comfort, and affordability. They embrace the latest innovations in eco-friendly construction while ensuring no compromises are made on the visual appeal, comfort, or cost-effectiveness. The building designers at Enviroplex have developed a comprehensive solution that pushes the boundaries of environmental excellence, allowing organizations to fully leverage sustainable building technologies.

Enviroplex takes pride in using only materials sourced and acquired within the United States for the construction of their modular buildings. From steel and lumber to insulation and electrical components, every element is carefully chosen. These materials consist of 70-95% recycled content, reducing the demand for new resources. Additionally, Enviroplex buildings are designed to be 100% recyclable, ensuring their environmental impact is minimized throughout their lifecycle.

Available sustainability features include:

  • Solotube tubular skylights with power shades
  • Automatic light adjustment with occupancy sensors
  • Low VOC, high R-value insulation
  • High performance lighting systems
  • Certified cool roof standing seam roof
  • Dual valve water saving plumbing fixtures
  • High reflectivity/low emissivity white cool roof standing seam roof (Title 24-certified)
  • SEER 15 high efficiency HVAC system
  • Vinyl-framed, dual glaze low-e windows
  • Sustainable interior finishes
  • Design features to resist mold growth

Explore Our Projects

At Enviroplex, we welcome the future. Confronted by challenges, big or small, our team utilizes the latest advances in building techniques and technologies to deliver quality modular buildings at competitive prices. Our modular workspaces combine the best in traditional design and cutting-edge engineering, offering our customers a powerful range of customization options that few builders today can match.

Branciforte Small Schools, DeLaveaga and Bay View Elementary Schools

Hayward Cherryland Elementary School

Bellevue-Santa Fe Charter School

Ocean Knoll Elementary School

Rocketship Los Sueños Academy