Bellevue-Santa Fe Charter School

Owner:  San Luis Coastal Unified School District
Architect:  RRM Design Group

Last modernized in 1996, Bellevue-Santa Fe Charter School (BSFCS) offers an alternative approach to education, the compelling idea that the education of a student is a shared responsibility and cooperative endeavor between family, school, and community. To match BSFCS’s innovative culture with an equally innovative learning environment, San Luis Coastal Unified School District partnered with Enviroplex and RRM Design Group to provide the necessary enhancements that the school required.

Project Overview

Built to accommodate the schools “open environmental design” the new educational space is designed with elevated ceilings and clerestory windows to allow for an abundance of natural light.

The buildings are surrounded by green space, courtyards, and seat walls, which provide the students with ample space to meet or find a shady spot to read.

Completed in the summer of 2018, the project’s footprint consists of three 60′ x 32′ two-classroom buildings which will not only provide the district an energy-saving strategy, but also an inspirational learning environment that students, family, and the community can enjoy for years to come.


San Luis Coastal Unified School District


San Luis Obispo, CA

Project Scope and Size

3 x 60′ x 32′ two-classroom buildings

5,760 sq. ft








Key Building Features

  • Structural tube steel moment frame design
  • 15′ finished floor to ceiling at peak
  • North facing clerestory windows to maximize natural light
  • 2:12 single-slope pitched roof with acrylic coated Galvalume roof panels
  • 8′ front overhangs with finished soffits
  • Concrete sub-floors
  • Cement board exterior
  • Operable clerestory awning windows
  • Mechanical Roll-a-Shades
  • Perforated acoustical metal ceiling panels
  • Custom glazing
  • Upgraded tackable wall coverings

Administration Building Features

  • High quality pendent hung LED lighting with advanced control system
  • Low and no V.O.C. (Volatile Organic Compounds) paints and sealant materials
  • 2×8 wood stud framing at 24″ OC to maximize cavity insulation
  • Interior ITEC high-efficiency 14.2 IPLV Unit HVAC system with spiral ducting
  • R30 insulation in ceiling
  • Forbo LVT flooring

From Our Clients

“It is so great to see all of our children back at school. I really did miss them over the summer! And it is an extra special treat that our children are now in classrooms that are much more conducive for learning. The favorite comment from the children is, ‘the bathrooms are so clean and there’s green handles for the flushers.’ You have to love children’s expressions; I smile all day long.”

Kathleen Brewster

Albert Schweitzer Elem. School

“The Evergreen School District has used Enviroplex buildings for over ten years. We have purchased over 150 classrooms, bathrooms, and library buildings in various configurations. The newer configurations with pitched metal roofs, stucco-like finish, thicker installation, and internal HVAC units have been well received by our teachers and community. We also appreciate Enviroplex’s commitment to deliver the buildings on time for our accelerated eight-week summer construction schedule. During the last two years we have purchased 39 units, and they were all received during the one week window we gave Enviroplex.”

James Crawford

Evergreen School District

“Our students and teachers are truly enjoying and appreciating your classrooms. Enviroplex delivered this project as promised, on time, per specification and with minimal change orders. I realize how difficult this can be on a multi-million dollar project. We are entirely satisfied with the feel and sound quality of your concrete paneled floor system. I have heard zero complaints from our “1st Floor Teachers”. Thank you again for a very favorable construction experience.”

Roy Miller

Emery Unified School District

“We are thrilled with the result of our beautiful renovation. We now have 5 new classrooms to replace our ‘1962’ portables and trailer. It has been exhilarating to watch the weekly progress this summer. Our landscaping, classroom and parking lot makeover has greatly improved our community school.”

Kathleen Brewster

Albert Schweitzer Elem. School