Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to manufacture a modular classroom?

The time to completion depends on the complexity of the project. An average building based on a pre-checked plan can commonly be completed within sixty (60) days. For more complex requirements, contact our offices for an quote.

What is a modular classroom?

Modular classrooms are permanent or temporary modular buildings that can be relocated or transported.  Enviroplex offers sustainable and cost-effective DSA-approved modular classrooms to solve for overcrowding issues.

Are there manufactured modular classrooms already built and ready for purchase?

Modular classrooms can be put together quickly from pre-fabricated modules. Modular classroom manufacturers may have inventory available on hand and ready to be customized or configured to your specific needs.

Who manufactures modular classroom buildings in San Francisco, California?

Enviroplex manufactures safe, reliable, and sustainable modular classroom buildings in San Francisco, California. We offer permanent architectural design at modular speed and cost with maximum completion prior to installation to save you time and money. Our modular schools and buildings are DSA-approved to ensure the highest standard of safety is met. 

How are modular classrooms delivered and installed?

Once your Enviroplex modular classroom has been completed, it can be delivered and erected quickly on site. Fully constructed at our factory, your new modular classroom is delivered via flatbed truck and crane-installed in a matter of days. Electrical installation is completed within a week, and within three weeks of delivery the building will be fully habitable. Within 30 days of installation, we will be ready to perform a final evaluation and turn over the final completed modular classroom.

Are modular classrooms used for anything other than classrooms?

Modular classrooms can be manufactured to suit the exact needs of a school. Enviroplex designs flexible spaces that can be configured to other modular school buildings such as kitchens, cafeterias, restrooms, admin offices, science labs, and more.

How are modular classrooms made?

Modular classrooms are manufactured off-site using pre-fabricated components in a factory-like controlled environment. Pre-build units are easily transported and installed on location.

Why do modular classrooms in California need to be DSA approved?

Modular classrooms in California must be DSA-approved. The Division of State Architect’s (DSA) pre-check (PC) approval program has a list of design criteria builders must meet when designing and constructing K-12 schools, community college, and essential services construction projects. Modular classrooms that are DSA-approved means they meet the strict safety design criteria and construction required by the DSA.

What's the difference between a temporary and permanent modular classroom?

Enviroplex buildings are steel frame movement resistant structures that meet or exceed current California seismic building standards.

What are modular school buildings?

Modular school buildings are permanent or temporary buildings constructed off-site using pre-fabricated components. Since the modules are built in a factory-like setting and assembled on site, construction times are shortened and costs are lowered. Modular school buildings can include administrative offices, science labs, daycare centers, restrooms, and more.

How many students can fit in a modular school building?

Since modular school buildings come in different sizes, the number of students they can accommodate varies. Specialized school buildings typically require 50 square feet per person while classrooms designate 20 square feet for each occupant. For example, a 24′ x 40′ space would allow up to 48 people for a traditional K-12 classroom, or a lab for 19 people.

How are modular school buildings used?

Modular school buildings are an excellent choice for schools that wish to expand their space and accommodate more students. Schools can customize and configure space to their specific needs, turning basic modular buildings into functioning classrooms, restrooms, science labs, offices, kitchens, and more. Learn how modular school buildings can benefit your school by contacting us today.

How much do modular school buildings cost?

The cost of a modular school building depends on various factors including size, customization features, installation, and more. Cost is typically calculated per square foot. Contact us today to get an accurate quote for your project.

Who makes modular school buildings?

Enviroplex is a modular school building manufacturer in California with a 125,000-square-foot facility. Our modular buildings are DSA-approved PC designs to ensure the most stringent safety standards are met.

Are there modular school buildings for sale?

Modular school building manufacturers may have inventory on hand and available for immediate sale. If you require more customization and configuration to your specific needs, buildings can be quickly manufactured and ready for purchase. Get a quote today.

Are modular school buildings customizable?

Modular school buildings are fully customizable since architects and schools work directly with the manufacturer to design, customize, and configure modular buildings to suit their needs. Enviroplex offers maximum flexibility with DSA-approved designs that can be easily configured in various education-type buildings. Select from various upgrades and accessories such as access ramps, classroom sinks, flooring options, and more.

Are portable classrooms a permanent solution?

Portable classrooms are a great permanent solution to accommodate short or long-term needs. Since the classroom is a pre-fab module, it can be transported on-site and installed at a school quickly to expand additional classroom capacity. Enviroplex provides permanent portable classrooms for schools that do not intend to relocate elsewhere.

What models of portable classrooms are available?

Enviroplex portable classroom models come in various sizes and applications. Portable classrooms come as single to multi-classroom complexes available as one or two-story buildings. We also offer other modular school buildings such as science labs, admin offices, childcare centers, kitchens, restrooms, and more.

Learn more about our single-story, Daylight, Daylight Junior, and two-story models.

What are portable classrooms made of?

Enviroplex portable classrooms are constructed primarily from wood, build on steel frames, and designed to meet or exceed current California seismic building standards. Our building materials are all purchased from American companies and are sourced from within the United States. We keep very little raw material in our facility inventory – all of our building materials are relatively new or recently sourced when we utilize them.

Do portable classrooms have restrooms?

Yes. Portable classrooms can have restrooms easily installed. Enviroplex offers classrooms with toilets and sinks.

How many students can fit in a portable classroom?

Typically, a single standard portable classroom can comfortably accommodate around 30 students. Enviroplex’s 24’ x 40’ classroom size allows for up to 48 people, or as a lab for 19 people. This size provides plenty of space for storage, furniture, and different seating arrangements.

Can portable classrooms be customized based on a school's requirements?

Yes. Portable classrooms can be customized based on a school’s requirements. Enviroplex offers the flexibility to choose and create floor plans that meet your school’s specific needs.

Are portable classrooms safe?

Since portable classrooms in California must be DSA-approved, Enviroplex modular classroom buildings are a safe and reliable option to expand classroom capacity in schools.

How big are portable classrooms?

Portable classrooms can come in many sizes provided they meet the current building requirement for K-12 which designates that 20 sq. ft be allocated for each person. Special classrooms require extra space, such as science and computer labs, and art rooms. These classrooms should accommodate 50 sq. ft. per occupant. Contact Enviroplex to see how big of a space you need for your project.

Portable Classroom Sizes
24′ x 40′
24′ x 40′ with Sink
30′ x 32′
36′ x 40′
36′ x 40′ Toilets & Sinks
48′ x 40′

Modular School Buildings Sizes
36′ x 40′ Science Lab
84′ x 40′ Prep
84′ x 40′ Storage

Modular Kindergarten Buildings Sizes
40′ x 60′ Laundry
40′ x 60′ Conference

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