Aspire East Palo Alto Phoenix Academy

Owner: Aspire Public Schools
Architect: K2A Architecture and Interiors
Contractor: Pacific Charter School Development

Aspire Public Schools’ newest high school opened on August 22, 2011, welcoming sixth- through twelfth-grade students to its East Palo Alto campus.

Project Overview

Built by Enviroplex in partnership with K2A Architecture and Interiors and Aspire Public Schools, the 23,328-square-foot campus consists of four separate two-story buildings. The buildings are comprised of administration and staff offices, high school–level science classrooms with prep areas, standard classrooms for traditional curriculum, boys’ and girls’ multi-fixture restrooms and MDF data and storage spaces. Custom bridge ways and switchback stair towers with concrete infill connect the buildings and provide students with opportunities for peer interaction in a pedestrian-friendly environment.


The striking aesthetics of the new buildings—painted with bold, blocky shapes in spiced orange and primitive plum on a white sapling–colored three-coat stucco exterior—are an eye-pleasing addition to the surrounding suburban neighborhoods.

“College for Certain” for its students is Aspire Public Schools’ life’s work. Creating school buildings that inspire students to academic success is Enviroplex’s commitment to its educational customers.


Aspire Public Schools


East Palo Alto, California

Project Scope and Size

23,328 sq. ft campus with four separate two-story buildings.

Key Building Features

  • High school–level science classrooms
  • Stainless steel sinks with acid diluters
  • Gas turrets at each lab station
  • Hi/low teacher’s island with epoxy sink
  • Movable lab tables
  • Eyewash station and multiple floor boxes
  • Chemsurf P-LAM countertops at stations
  • Int. chases that eliminate exposed utility connections
  • Concrete-filled cantilevered balconies
  • Pre-engineered fire sprinkler system
  • Gurney-capable elevator with matching ext.
  • Extensive low-voltage systems (security, FA, data)
  • 8″ front overhangs and powder-coated handrails

High-Performance Features

  • Kohler low-flow plumbing fixtures
  • High-efficiency interior Q-Tec HVAC
  • Three-phase electrical panels
  • Lithonia optimal 2’ x 4’ reflected lighting
  • Armstrong Green Genie ceiling tiles
  • Low-VOC adhesives, paint and coatings
  • Fly ash–filled concrete foundation
  • Oversized glazing for natural daylight
  • Formaldehyde-free casework
  • Collins & Aikman Explorer carpet
  • Armstrong Medley resilient flooring

From Our Clients

“It is so great to see all of our children back at school. I really did miss them over the summer! And it is an extra special treat that our children are now in classrooms that are much more conducive for learning. The favorite comment from the children is, ‘the bathrooms are so clean and there’s green handles for the flushers.’ You have to love children’s expressions; I smile all day long.”

Kathleen Brewster

Albert Schweitzer Elem. School

“The Evergreen School District has used Enviroplex buildings for over ten years. We have purchased over 150 classrooms, bathrooms, and library buildings in various configurations. The newer configurations with pitched metal roofs, stucco-like finish, thicker installation, and internal HVAC units have been well received by our teachers and community. We also appreciate Enviroplex’s commitment to deliver the buildings on time for our accelerated eight-week summer construction schedule. During the last two years we have purchased 39 units, and they were all received during the one week window we gave Enviroplex.”

James Crawford

Evergreen School District

“Our students and teachers are truly enjoying and appreciating your classrooms. Enviroplex delivered this project as promised, on time, per specification and with minimal change orders. I realize how difficult this can be on a multi-million dollar project. We are entirely satisfied with the feel and sound quality of your concrete paneled floor system. I have heard zero complaints from our “1st Floor Teachers”. Thank you again for a very favorable construction experience.”

Roy Miller

Emery Unified School District

“We are thrilled with the result of our beautiful renovation. We now have 5 new classrooms to replace our ‘1962’ portables and trailer. It has been exhilarating to watch the weekly progress this summer. Our landscaping, classroom and parking lot makeover has greatly improved our community school.”

Kathleen Brewster

Albert Schweitzer Elem. School